Bible Reading Podcast

Bible Reading Podcast

Acts 11

Series: 2023 Bible Reading

And now, a minute with the Word…

Among those today who profess allegiance to Jesus Christ, there are hundreds of identifiers used — Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican, Episcopal, Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Holiness, Apostolic, Pentecostal, Jehovah’s Witness, Latter Day Saint, Mormon, Mennonite, Amish, Adventist, Quaker, Christian Scientist, and all of their variations — all purposefully chosen to reflect their devotion to some person, theology, doctrine, practice, organization, or fellowship — but all of which are notably absent from the Bible. “And the disciples,” i.e. those who learn of and follow after Jesus Christ, “were first called Christians,” simply Christians, “in Antioch” (Acts 11.26).

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How Can I Be Saved?
Hear - Romans 10:17
Believe - Hebrews 11:6
Repent - Acts 2:38
Confess - Romans 10:9
Be Baptized - 1 Peter 3:21
Live Faithfully - Revelation 2:10

We Would Love to Study!
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