Bible Reading Podcast

Bible Reading Podcast

Acts 6

Series: 2023 Bible Reading

And now, a minute with the Word…

Neither verbal threats, nor ungodly behavior, nor violent persecution had successfully slowed, much less eliminated, the influence of the gospel; so here in Acts 6, Satan employed another tactic — internal strife among the Christians. How did the apostles respond? They acknowledged the concern brought before them, maintained the spiritual (not material) focus of their leadership, fostered congregational buy-in, and delegated work to trustworthy servants. Their swift and decisive response silenced the discord before it could ruin the harmony of saints, and as a result, the gospel kept spreading and saving souls.

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How Can I Be Saved?
Hear - Romans 10:17
Believe - Hebrews 11:6
Repent - Acts 2:38
Confess - Romans 10:9
Be Baptized - 1 Peter 3:21
Live Faithfully - Revelation 2:10

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