Bible Classes

Bible Classes

Our Bible classes instruct, edify, and encourage all to learn, understand and apply God’s word. We strive to have dynamic teaching and age appropriate content for all of our classes. Every quarter (beginning in January, April, July, and October), we begin new studies. We offer Bible classes twice each week at 9:50 am on Sundays and 7:00 pm on Wednesdays with classes available for anyone age 1 and up. Please come and study with us!

We continue to invest in our teaching program by conducting ongoing education and training for our teachers to ensure that we can do our absolute best in teaching God’s word!

How Can I Be Saved?
Hear - Rom 10:17
Believe - Heb 11:6
Repent - Acts 2:38
Confess - Rom 10:9
Be Baptized - 1 Pet 3:21
Live Faithfully - Rev 2:10

We Would Love to Study!
We see it as our purpose to teach others the good news of Jesus Christ. Please contact us if you would like to study the Bible together or would like more information about our congregation.

  1. Wed PM Bible Study
    1/19/22 07:00pm
  2. Sun AM Worship
    1/23/22 09:00am
  3. Sun AM Bible Study
    1/23/22 09:50am
  4. Sun Worship
    1/23/22 10:45am
  5. Wed PM Bible Study
    1/26/22 07:00pm
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